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I've never actually climbed a mountain, but I know it's not an easy thing to do. Lots of preparation and hard work happens before the top is reached. I spent many of my childhood years walking up the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire and I know how it feels to push on, thinking you've reached the top, only to find you haven't, that more hard work is required.
A few weeks ago I received the reader's report from my New Writers' Scheme submission. It was good, full of brilliant advice, but I knew I hadn't reached the top. I hoped I was getting close, but I'm not quite there yet. Like the above photo of Switzerland, I know that whilst everything below is small and the clouds are seemingly close, the peak I really want to reach still requires lots of hard work.So onwards and upwards I go. I so want to reach the top of that mountain, which for me is becoming a Mills and Boon author. It's hard work and may take some time, but I'm determined to keep trying - and have fun in the process!

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