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Poppy's Corner - growing fast

I'm almost five months old now and have been a writer's dog for three months - and it's great! Just a few days ago I had the very important job of inspecting author copies of the next book.
I've also worked out how to put a stop to her continuous tapping on the keyboard when really she should be giving me my breakfast or letting me out in the garden. I jump in her lap and put my chin on her keyboard. Works a treat!

It's also good fun living on a farm as there are loads of fields to go exploring in and we go for long walks around the farm or along the country lanes. We've been to the local park and I've had a dip in the river, which was cold, but I loved that. Especially when I could shake all over her!


There are lots of wild cats here on the farm and two think they live in my house. What a cheek! Each morning they wait on windowsills to be let in and fed and then they curl up for a day of sleep either in front of the Aga or in the sun shinning through the window. Cats are fun to chase and pounce on, but I do pretend to get on with them and even let them share my sunny spot -for a while at least.


I'm going to have my first trip to the beach soon, so I'll be back another day to tell you all about that.