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Inspiration - its all around us

It's been a busy week on the farm, with silage being harvested in preparation for winter and this means lots of workers to feed and time spent away from my writing desk.

I like to write every day, even if it's only a few hundred words, but sometimes even that isn't possible and I usually find it can be difficult to get back into the rhythm of writing. Procrastination, or faffing as I prefer to call it, usually strikes and as much as I want to get back into my current work in progress it sometimes doesn't happen. The last few days have been like that, so armed with a magazine I decided to give myself a bit of time out over a coffee and almond croissant in my local coffee shop.


As always, I was drawn by the cover and indulged in the lovely photographs of Eva Longoria's and Pepe Baston's wedding. In the article it stated they'd married in their home because they wanted something intimate and private. 

Instantly my mind began working. In the book I'm currently writing, my hero Antonio and his bride-to-be Sadie also want a small and private wedding. From this similarity, ideas began to form in my mind but Antonio's apartment in Rome might not be suitable for their wedding, but being a billionaire, he could buy a beautiful villa that would be perfect!


So now that I've had my little light bulb moment, I can get back to finishing Antonio and Sadie's story. Next time you are feeling a little distracted from what you need or want to do, give yourself some time out. Even the smallest amount of time can help.