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The Fun and Glamour of London.

I am back home on the farm after a few days away in London. I love being there, but it's even more fun when it's the annual Mills and Boon author's lunch, followed by Mills and Boon's Series Party.

I treated myself to a few days in London - all in the name of research of course! The first morning dawned bright and beautiful so I set off for a walk as the sun was coming up over St James's Park, which was busy with dog walkers and joggers.

I had a look at Buckingham Palace before the crowds arrived. I love being out and about before it gets busy.

After that, I met up with Chantelle Shaw and we stepped back in time to the court of Henry VIII when we visited Hampton Court Palace.

We toured the Tudor kitchens.

Through Anne Boleyn's Gateway


Then into the Great Hall

After that, we got ourselves a bit lost in the famous maze! At least we got back to London and were able to meet up withKate Walker and Lara Temple for the evening.On Friday was the main reason for my trip to London, the Mills and Boon author lunch and then the Mills and Boon series party at their offices, near The Shard, with stunning views over London.image

Here's a photo of Chantelle and I at the Mills and Boon series party.


As usual, all good things come to an end and by Saturday afternoon, I was back in my overalls and wellies milking the cows!