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Remembering Senghennydd

On the morning of October 14th 1913 my great great grandfather Charles Frederick Hill started a new job at Universal Colliery, Senghennydd. He lived with his wife Lillian in Caerphilly and was not a miner, but a tailor and in hard times had taken the job in the mine.At ten past eight that morning an explosion ripped through the mine,...

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Busier than a Bee

The last few months have been hectic. The lovely summer we've had has meant lots of work on the farm as harvests were brought in. After the previous wet summers it was so much easier to be able to do this when the sun was shinning. It also seemed a busy time with lots of cows calving, adding to the already full days.
My daughter was sitting her A...

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I've never actually climbed a mountain, but I know it's not an easy thing to do. Lots of preparation and hard work happens before the top is reached. I spent many of my childhood years walking up the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire and I know how it feels to push on, thinking you've reached the top, only to find you haven't, that more hard...

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Another Badge of Honour

Well, I've just received my latest badge of honour - my latest rejection that is.I'm sure that every writer, both published and unpublished knows how I feel right now. When I started submitting my work I was told I'd eventually paper a wall or two with rejections. So I've got some way to go!I suppose it's like riding a horse. Sometimes...

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My Name on a Book

Seeing your name on a book must be a wonderful feeling and that's just what I did during my weekend away. The only problem - this book was edible!
I arrived in Fishguard on Valentine's Day, and my birthday, for a weekend course with Kate Walker on writing romance. Whilst other diners where having quiet moments the early arrivals to the course...

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