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A Ring to Claim His Legacy

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A Child Claimed by Gold

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To Blackmail a Di Sione
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A Child Claimed by Gold

The idea for A Child Claimed by Gold came about when I watched a television programme about travelling across Russia and one scene in particular lit the fuse of my imagination and Nikolai came to life in my mind, along with Emma. I could imagine them at the station, cold winter winds blowing around them as they looked at one another for the first time. So many questions came at me from that one moment and I knew I had to write their story. I hope you enjoy it! 
Nikolai Cunningham has turned his back on his heritage and the secrets which lie buried within his family’s past, but when Emma Sanders threatens to unearth it all, bringing it all out for closer inspection, he is forced to return to Russia. The spark of attraction between them is instant, although each has reasons for ignoring it, until one night brings them together – with lasting consequences.

Married for the Italian’s Heir

Married for the Italian’s Heir is book two in the Brides for Billionaires mini-series and set against the backdrop of one of the most romantic cities in the world – Rome.
Dante returns arrives at his office one morning, after a late night meeting with three other billionaires, who along with him, have been named and shamed in a shocking media expose as the world’s most debauched bachelors. This dubious title impacts greatly on all their lives and forces them all to make some major changes. When Dante discovers that not only is the gorgeous woman he bedded in London two months ago waiting for him in his office, but that she has some unexpected news, he knows exactly what course of action he will take to salvage his reputation. He will make her his wife and claim his child, but Piper Riley wants more than a cold and heartless deal, she wants nothing less than a happy-ever-after, forcing him to overcome his past.

To Blackmail a Di Stone

To Blackmail a Di Stone

To Blackmail a Di Sione is book three in The Billionaire’s Legacy and my first continuity story. It was great fun to weave the other characters from the series in around my story and I’m really looking forward to reading the other seven books.
Bianca Di Sione is one of the well-known Di Sione children. Although she has built her own PR company and to all around her is successful and confident, she hasn’t got over the loss of her parents when she was very young. This insecurity was compounded when as a teenager the man she’d believed loved her, used her just because she was a Di Sione. So when she meets the revengeful and incredibly attractive Liev Dragunov it’s not just sparks that fly.
Determined to secure the bracelet, often referred to as one of The Lost Mistresses, her terminally ill grandfather has asked her to find for him, Bianca begins a journey that will change her life. What she doesn’t bargain on is Liev buying the bracelet then using it to blackmail her. She goes along with his plans in the hope that she can buy the bracelet from him, but as she discovers more about the sexy Russian billionaire, she finds herself falling for him.

The Sheikh’s Last Mistress

The Sheikh's Last Mistress is Zafir and Destiny’s story and one that has been in my mind for several years. The first version was written in 2012, before I became a published Harlequin author. It wasn’t successful on that first submission, but as I had fallen in love with the characters I just had to rewrite their story.
Destiny is a horse lover and has used her love for them as an excuse to stay away from any kind of relationship with men. After losing her mother when she was young and being brought up by a step mother as mercenary as her father, she didn’t believe love could exist. When Zafir strides into her life, offering her the escape route she has been searching for, she has no idea he is the man she will lose her heart to.
Zafir is about to take a wife out of duty to his country, Kezoban, but is still haunted by the events surrounding his sister’s tragic death, as is his prized stallion, Majeed. Destiny Richards comes highly recommended for healing troubled horses and he makes her a deal to return to Kezoban with him. What he doesn’t know is that she will not only heal Majeed, but also help him to move on from the terrible events of the past – and she will become the woman he loves, the woman he wants as his wife. His Last Mistress.

New Year At The Boss's Bidding

 I loved writing New Year at the Boss’s Bidding, because as I sat at my desk, outside it was snowing. While I discovered all about the past which still haunted Xavier and found out just what had happened to Tilly last New Year’s Eve the landscape was being cloaked in a blanket of white. Perfect inspiration.
The grand house Tilly arrives at to prepare for a catering contract, captures her imagination, but the man she finds herself snowbound with when blizzard conditions cut them off, turns her world upside down. As the old grandfather clock chimes out the old year and welcomes in the new one, Tilly tries to ignore the attraction which is growing stronger between them.

Xavier finds Tilly’s love of the Christmas tree and all it represents, together with the attraction he felt for her the moment he first saw her stood in the snow, not only forces him to face his past but enables him to move on from the accident he blames himself for.
Emotions run high as the storm intensifies, as does the attraction they are almost powerless to resist and one kiss to celebrate the New Year sets off the fireworks of passion.